Interview with Richard Lake – The owner of A Sharp Recording Studio

As we promised, here is an interview with one of the best audio engineer and music producer Richard Lake, well known in the music industry as the creator of mixingAudioPros – a network of well known audio engineers and music producers from all around the world and owner of the one of the most sophisticated recording studio in Australia. Continue reading

Photo of ASharp Control Room Under Constraction

Sydney is getting ASharp, one of the most sophisticated recording studio

In the music industry there is a huge debate going on if the time of the big recording studios is over or not. Sadly but it is a fact that many of the largest recording studios in the world have seized to exist. The most advanced equipment is very expensive; the services of the well-known professional audio engineers also; and on the other side the recording studios are forced to drop their prices because of unfair competition that is going on right now. Many semi-professional recording studios, equipped only with few computers and cheap recording equipment are offering their services ridiculously cheap which in long run directly caused large recording studios to dismiss their best audio engineers and “to put padlocks on their doors”.

In times like these, we cannot hide our happiness to share an information that one of the biggest and most sophisticated recording studio will be open in Sydney, Australia. Apparently one of the largest remaining recording studio in Sydney, A Sharp Recording Studio, was acquired by Richard Lake, Continue reading

Max Martin at ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

Max Martin – Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Song writer

Not many people have heard about Max Martin but his name is behind many mega pop hits starting from 90’ until now. He probably has more music hits than Madonna and Michael Jackson together! In a sentence, he is the most famous anonymous. He rarely is in front of the cameras, very rarely is giving interviews, always the man from behind. The list of the music hits that he has created and also the solo singers or music groups that he have been working with seems like it doesn’t have end. Let’s just mention some of them: Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams, Gary Barlow, NSYNC, Pink, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, A-ha, Ace of Base, Avril Lavigne, Apocalyptica, Leona Lewis, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Kesha, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesias… and many, Continue reading

Photo of Paco de Lucia playing guitar

The Spanish guitar and flamingo virtuoso, Paco de Lucia dies at 66

An irreparable loss for the music world! The flamingo guitar legend, Francisco Gustavo Sánchez Gomes, known as Paco de Lucia died from a heart attack at age 66 while he was playing on a beach with his children in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. His death was announced by the mayor of Algeciras, southern Spain the place where he was born.

Paco de Lucia was also composer and producer. His impeccable fluent and fast, and passionate playing picados were his trademark. Eric Clapton has once described Paco de Lucia as a giant figure in the world of flamenco guitar.

Allegedly he was playing guitar even before he was capable to speak. His early childhood is often compared with Mozart because of the big influence of his father, who wanted his son to practice 12 hours daily since he was 5 years old. Apparently he even took him out of school so Paco can more focus on playing guitar. Continue reading

Recording studio with pictures of AES on the TV monitors in the middle

Different Audio Engineering Standards developed by Audio Engineering Society

For many audio mixing professionals, one of the global Audio Engineering Standards available for reference is the set of standards created by the Audio Engineering Society (AES). Audio Engineering Society had its origins in United States in the year 1948 and since then the group of Engineers affiliated with AES have developed a number of standards that have become the bible for Audio Engineering professionals.

Members and Events

There are more than 14,000 members associated with AES as on date. It has 75 professional sections and 95 student sections available for members across the globe. Through the different AES events, members get the opportunity to network with experienced audio engineers. The different AES Events that are held on a regular basis include International technical meetings, Equipment Exhibitions and conventions. During conventions, students doing research in audio mixing techniques present their research paper and get feedback from the industry experts.

Audio Engineering Standards

AES has well laid out standards in the areas of digital and analog audio engineering, acoustics, communication technology and media preservation. There is a separate AES technical council that has been entrusted with the responsibility of drafting the different AES standards. The ten different groups within AES develop standards that are pertaining to the following four audio mixing and Engineering areas. Continue reading

Audio Engineering: An Introductory Guide

An audio engineer, or sound engineer, is someone who is an expert in the field of recording, reproducing, mixing, and mastering sounds. These auditory engineers must draw on a wide variety of different vocational and artistic skill sets, including acoustics, music, and proficiency with a broad range of different electronic hardware. Audio engineering in the 21st century tends to involve a large amount of digital interfacing, but sound technicians still must have a thorough knowledge of more antiquated mediums such as analog tape, and digital multi-track workstations and recorders. In today’s recording environment, computers are used to process nearly all of the sound that is being manipulated by audio engineers. This article will proceed to discuss some of the qualifications of an audio engineer, and also some of the equipment that is typically used by these auditory professionals.

– Audio Engineering Qualifications

The educational backgrounds of audio engineers usually have to do with the fields of music, electronics, broadcasting, or fine arts. These professionals will often times enroll in schools designed specifically for the purpose of audio engineering, but many conventional colleges and universities offer programs in this field as well. Music Engineering Technology is a major study that is offered by some colleges throughout the world, and this is a course of education taken by many sound engineering professionals.

– Various Professional Branches of Audio Engineering
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Studio for Audio Engineering fully equipped

Enrolling to an Audio Engineering School

A lot of high school graduates, and most of adults who plan to enroll into college, have never heard of audio engineering school. Their faces are probably very surprised when they look upon a brochure and notice Audio Engineering School. The first question that pops out of them will probably sound like -There is a school for audio? Many high school graduates dream about becoming a rock or pop star, however, there are those who like the job of the people who make the music happen and be several yards in front of the stage making all the audio magic happen.

So, let’s see what students can come across in Audio Engineering Schools – there is multimedia, advertising, broadcasting, video and film postproduction, music production, live sound reinforcements; audio engineers are the people who mix audio, record, reproduce voices, synchronize, create sound effects and music. One of the most important thins an audio engineer must have these days is experience in hardware and software integration from analog to digital transfer synchronization.

General music, psychoacoustics and acoustic are some of the things which are tought in Audio Engineering Continue reading