Enrolling to an Audio Engineering School

A lot of high school graduates, and most of adults who plan to enroll into college, have never heard of audio engineering school. Their faces are probably very surprised when they look upon a brochure and notice Audio Engineering School. The first question that pops out of them will probably sound like -There is a school for audio? Many high school graduates dream about becoming a rock or pop star, however, there are those who like the job of the people who make the music happen and be several yards in front of the stage making all the audio magic happen.

So, let’s see what students can come across in Audio Engineering Schools – there is multimedia, advertising, broadcasting, video and film postproduction, music production, live sound reinforcements; audio engineers are the people who mix audio, record, reproduce voices, synchronize, create sound effects and music. One of the most important thins an audio engineer must have these days is experience in hardware and software integration from analog to digital transfer synchronization.

General music, psychoacoustics and acoustic are some of the things which are tought in Audio Engineering Schools. These are some of the things which can help record and recreate sounds by electronic or mechanic way.

Lets’ imagine what a life of an audio engineer student will be like while attending an Audio Engineering School. Moving all the usual thins a normal college students experiences during his college days, let’s imagine how a the process of studying in Audio Engineering School goes.

Audio Engineering School is not a default school students should choose at the last minute, or to choose it just to have a somewhere to attend school. Audio Engineering School tends to “hit hard” on those students which have enrolled in to something they don’t understand. Yes, some of those students will be able to finish what they have started, but will they be able to continue on by working as an audio engineer. Being a “default” audio engineer will not be enough.

A “default” engineer will learn everything that has been tought to him at Audio Engineering School and will do all that is asked of him, but will he have something extra to bring to the table when higher responsibility comes knocking on his door, like being a head of sound mixing for  Metallica concert.

Audio engineers are must have that sixth sense when it comes to mixing audio. The six sense for mixing is not something students can learn at Audio Engineering School. Being enrolled to an Audio Engineering School, which is part of creativity, means to be a part of something big. Like art school or like dance school. Every individual comes to sharpen its senses and add something more to what they have previously known. Starting your first class at Audio Engineering School with nothing to back you up will be hard.

The road is long from mixing couple of songs in the basement to those several yards in front of the concert stage. With a bit more practice than usual, heightened sixth sense for sound and few tips, that road will not look too long.


3 thoughts on “Enrolling to an Audio Engineering School

  1. Hello Joseph
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. We are not offering courses for audio mixing. Unlike before, today there are collages for audio mixing and mastering which was not a case before. Most of the audio engineers have started on their own or as assistants, learning by watching other audio engineers, having at least one mentor…Today young people can simply go to college for audio mixing and mastering. That was my inspiration for this article; and it was looking kind of natural to start with it. 🙂

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