This Audio Engineers blog is being provided to assist new upcoming engineers in the audio mixing industry by exchanging experiences, giving opinions and creating an overall place for hanging out with other Audio Engineers. Our one goal in mind is to do what we do better than before.

Becoming and Audio Engineer today is much easier than it was fifteen years ago. Much credit to the Internet is due for that of course; many young audio engineers have been able to learn so much through searches on the World Wide Web. It is true however, that nearly every recognized audio engineer has had at least one mentor; someone they have learned skills and “trick of the trade” from, someone who taught them the true magic of audio mixing, mastering and recording. As audio engineers we are all in the chase for the greatest sound, the sickest beats and it’s by curiosity of how everyone else is doing it that gets us what we are looking for; a unique sound. It is by learning from one another that audio engineers have been able to be so successful in finding fresh mixing ideas. Unlike many professions, there isn’t jealousy or secrets kept among audio engineers. We are passionate about who we are and what we do, so much so, it is typical to ask an audio engineer many questions about his techniques and he will tell you with great pride.

Welcome to Audio Engineers blog, where young engineers can learn a thing or two about mixing, mastering and making music, while experienced audio engineers have the opportunity to grow in knowledge and new techniques.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Great post, so true I have learned so much from great engineers will to share a wealth of information with me. Giving opportunity and paying knowledge forward is where it’s at.

  2. I agree this has great potential, but I’d like to see a little identification of the people contributing to this blog. Is this an official AES source? It would be good to see more information besides “posted by audio engineers.”

    • No, this blog is not official AES source. We are trying to provide all kind of useful information about everything related to audio engineering. With hope that many audio engineers, especially those who are new in this business, will have benefit from it. All audio engineers that have useful information to share, are more than welcome to write on this blog. It’s up to anyone to decide if they want their name to displayed or not. As long as you provide useful and original content we are OK with that.

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